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The Motor Bike Hotels are Europe's first hotel group with the special service which motorbike tourists want. It's not only all hoteliers of the independent Motor Bike Group who ride motorbikes themselves, also many of their employees actively travel with the bike. So they all know what the point is. Each one gladly contributes to making your motorbike trip a complete success. All Motor Bike Hotels offer an upscale hotel comfort, a diverse cuisine and are in the most beautiful motorbike regions in Europe.


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Europas erste Hotelgruppe mit dem besonderen Service für Motorradfahrer SUCHT VERSTÄRKUNG. Wir möchten wachsen – aber nachhaltig. Deshalb suchen wir innerhalb Europas Partner aus Regionen, in denen wir noch nicht vertreten sind. Ihr habt eine Empfehlung für ein neues Hotel, das zu unserer Gruppe passen könnte?

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Curvy times

The Motor-Bike-Hotels international are the first motorcycle hotel group to start with their own version of the well-known curvier route planner This tour planning tool is specially tailored to the MBHi partner hotels. It offers not only a curvier arrival and departure, but also numerous route options in the regions. Just like our download cards, who shows you the best tours recommended by your hosts.

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